Joint Task Force on Managing the Impact of Digitalization on the DOT Workforces

AASHTO Liaisons
Penelope Weinberger and Clarisse Bernardes Coble and

The Joint Task Force will focus on optimizing the alignment of workforce and civil rights with technology, data and knowledge management, and organizational development, to strengthen agency capabilities and diversity, promote inclusion, and identify gaps, barriers, issues and obstacles as they relate to these fields. The task force will work to develop solutions, practices, and tools for the departments of transportation to better realize their strategic objectives.

JTF Dig Composition
The JTF Dig is a Joint Task Force of the Committees on Agency Administration, Knowledge Management, Data Management and Analytics, Human Resources, and Civil Rights. Each of the above-named Committees supply two members appointed by the respective Committee Chairs.

The JTF Dig was approved at the 2018 AASHTO Annual Meeting. The JTF Dig expects its charter to be ratified in May 2019, starting the clock on its two-year tenure.