Agency Administration Managing Committee

AASHTO Liaison
Jim Tymon, Executive Director

Committees/Task Force Under Purview of the AAMC

Four committees and one task force report to the Agency Administration Managing Committee. For more details about each Committee/Task Force, please see below.




AASHTO Liaison 


Civil Rights

Drema Smith


Clarisse Bernardes Coble


Fiscal Management and Accounting Task Force

Chelley Hilmes


Susan Howard


Human Resources

Lee Wilkinson


Clarisse Bernardes Coble


Internal and External Audit

Dan Kahnke


Jenet Adem


Knowledge Management



King Gee



Committee on Civil Rights

The committee shall work cooperatively with the Association’s Member Departments and, as appropriate, with other committees, agencies, and external organizations to foster the uniform and effective application
of civil rights programs. This includes researching and evaluating the effectiveness of civil rights programs and reporting findings of issues to, as well as sharing best practices with, the Member Departments on programs such as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Equal Employment Opportunity, On-The-Job Training, Non-Discrimination (Title VI), Americans with Disabilities Act and Supportive Services.

When solicited, it shall make recommendations and render advice to the President and staff of the Association and to other committees as to courses of action which they may follow to assure compliance with civil rights laws and regulations in their respective areas. The committee shall also establish and maintain outreach efforts to other transportation organizations with similar interests. The committee shall also monitor and provide input to its reporting committee on legislative and federal regulatory mandates of national concern.

Fiscal Management and Accounting Task Force

The Task Force shall identify and analyze financial management practices; uniform accounting classifications and related systems and procedures; budgetary and fiscal controls; cash management; third party contract administration and the administration of federal financial policies. The Task Force shall also advise the Committee on Funding and Finance on matters of fiscal management and accounting for their communication with AASHTO Board of Directors. Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership thereon.

Committee on Human Resources

The Committee shares, researches, and recommends processes, best practices, and policies to enable Member Departments to increase the strength, innovation, and efficiency of their human resource functions. This includes evaluating emerging issues, considering all human resource issues of concern to Member Departments, and assembling and disseminating current information and recommendations on these issues, including recruitment and selection, workforce planning and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits, health and safety of all employees, and industry innovations.

The committee shall collaborate with appropriate Association committees, Federal agencies, institutions of higher learning, and other organizations in the development of human resource activities involving the Member Departments and/or in which the Association may serve as a sponsor, encompassing administrative practices, management techniques, and technical training programs.

The committee shall identify strategic partnerships with other committees to further the mission of the organization. The committee shall also monitor and provide input to its reporting committee on legislative and federal regulatory mandates of national concern.

Committee on Internal and External Audit

The Committee on Internal and External Audit shall establish audit procedures that are sufficiently flexible for use in each Member Department, yet standardized enough to achieve uniformity, and provide Member Departments with alternative solutions for compliance with audit requirements that also meet their individual needs. It shall also provide a forum for transportation-related internal and external audit organizations to keep abreast of requirements, regulations, procedures, and innovative techniques employed by individual states, thus enhancing their efforts to provide a better service to management.

It shall identify and report to the Agency Administration Managing Committee on any federal regulatory mandates of national concern.

To ensure consistency and the best thinking of the Association, the Committee shall work cooperatively, as appropriate, with other Committees.

Committee on Knowledge Management

To be developed