Agency Administration Managing Committee

AASHTO Liaison
Lloyd Brown, Communications and Marketing Director

Strategic Plan for the
Agency Administration Managing Committee

May 15, 2019

The Agency Administration Managing Committee focuses on internal administration issues of State DOTs, including general administrative topics, workforce development, civil rights, internal and external audit, personnel and human resource issues, and knowledge management. The Committee seeks to promote administrative efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in state DOTs by providing a forum for identifying and discussing current and emerging issues across the full spectrum of state DOT administrative considerations. The committee leads the development of AASHTO standards, policies, and positions with respect to administration issues, primarily through its role providing guidance to, and receiving/balloting policies and technical documents developed by the Committees on Human Resources, Internal and External Audit, Knowledge Management, and Civil Rights.

Goal 1:  Workforce Management

The Agency Administration Managing Committee will collaborate with its fellow committees and member states to develop a comprehensive approach to what the transportation workforce needs to look like in the future, and identify trends and methods for closing any gaps.

Implementation Actions:

  • The Committee will establish a joint task force (JTF) with the committees on Human Resources, Civil Rights, Knowledge Management, and Data and Analytics. The Joint Task Force will focus on optimizing the alignment of workforce, technology, data and knowledge management, and organizational development, to strengthen agency capabilities, and identify gaps, barriers, issues and obstacles as they relate to these emerging fields. The task force will work to develop solutions, practices, and tools for the departments of transportation to better realize their strategic objectives. Bi-annually report back to the committee and AASHTO Strategic Management Committee (SMC) regarding updates and findings of the joint task force.
  • Identify additional opportunities outside of the JTF’s scope to ensure the committee is considering all aspects of workforce management.

Goal 2:  Key Performance Metrics

The Agency Administration Managing Committee will establish key performance metrics within each of its committees that can be used across the state DOTs.

With the intent to expand the discussion and the collective knowledge of AASHTO members regarding agency administration trends and challenges, each committee will develop key performance metrics related to agency administration.

Implementation Actions:

  • Create a task force comprised of members within each committee to determine metrics to be collected, definition of those metrics and a process for collection of the data.
  • Survey states annually.
  • Report annually to AASHTO committees.

Goal 3:  Research

The Agency Administration Managing Committee will develop research projects in emerging transportation administration and management issues to delineate best practices that exist in public and private organizations.

Submit research proposals for consideration in the area of transportation administration and management.

Implementation Actions:

  • Annually evaluate and pursue ideas for research that will have value to the AASHTO community.
  • Work with other AASHTO committees to ensure we are collaborating on research areas where appropriate, and reducing redundancies.

Goal 4:  Coordination and Communications

The Agency Administration Managing Committee will collaborate with AASHTO committees that share similar goals to work together towards shared goals and reduce duplicative efforts.

Implementation Actions:

  • Review action plans and accomplishment reports for committees within agency administration annually to determine opportunities for collaboration.
  • Provide committees within Agency Administration an opportunity to share updates and identify opportunities for collaboration during biannual business meetings, and conference calls that occur in the interim.
  • Communicate regularly with other AASHTO committees to identify opportunities for collaboration with committees that may have shared goals, such as the Committee on Performance Based Management.

Goal 5:  Administrative Leadership

The Agency Administration Managing Committee will operate as a forum where state DOTs can come together and discuss issues that are impacting them.

Implementation Actions:

  • Create an online platform for members to compare notes and share successes/lessons learned.
  • Provide opportunities, such as webinars throughout the year and breakout sessions during our annual conference, that specifically address agency administration topics at a higher level.
  • Ensure opportunities for discussion and sharing that are specifically related to state DOT financial management.
    • Promote best practices and provide resources for Chief Financial Officers and others at state DOTs responsible for managing finance and business affairs that contribute towards the timely, accurate and reliable management of state DOT finances.
    • Promote high-quality audit work that adds value and improves transportation organizations.
    • Establish an Information Exchange Forum with those tasked in the DOT to contracting, selecting, and managing consultants in preconstruction engineering. Although agencies routinely carry out audits of the consultant firm including Pre-Award and Final Audits, it is important to have a forum for those tasked to contracting and managing the contract and the auditors to have a space where they can come together and exchange information.